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Berliner Moment:

Project creator - Director - Cameraman - Editor 


BerlinerMoment is a filmic project about Berlin, its music and musicians created in 2008 by Stephan Talneau.


> Between 2008 and 2015, more than 60 music films have been produced about countless artists from renowned orchester to exceptional street Musicians. Through the website, it gave to the artists a unique showcase of their work and to the public from all around the world: an opportunity to discover the unique energie of the city from their screen.


> Since 2014, BerlinerMoment produced 10 “Documentary portraits”. It screened them live in special events: “BerlinerMoment LIVE”. Where exclusive films where screened followed by a live performance of the artist.


> In 2015, Stephan Talneau was joined by director Laurent Latappy to produce even more in depth portraits and films around the Music scene and Berlin itself.

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